Our services

Audio-visual services

We transcribe the lyrics and the words of videos and audios. The content is then delivered to you in a digital format.

Transcription is often not an easy task because of the various accents and dialects of people being recorded. To ensure the correctness of transcription, our experts and specialists are available to provide such a service. The price is determined based on the length of the translated material.

Subtitling Services

We offer video subtitling services in various languages including among others:
- Product presentations
- Trade fair events
- Training & Webinars
- Manuals
- Videos for the deaf
- Videos for multilingual websites

Voice-over or dubbing

In today’s world, making videos has become part of our life. Millions of people and media around the world create videos for multiple purposes, whether personal or professional. DailyTrad offers voice-over and dubbing services in the numerous languages available. This includes lip-synchronization during the post-production stage. We dub and voice-over films, cartoons, documentaries…etc.