Our services

Interpreting services

DailyTrad is always ready to offer interpreting services in the most common languages and in all the fields and sectors including but not limited to:
- Business meetings, conferences and business trips.
- Interpretation services: business/liaison, simultaneous, consecutive, whispered/chuchotage.
- Videoconferencing interpretation services (Skype conference calls)

Conference Interpreting

Understanding the other means success, that’s the reason why we provide face-to-face interpreting services and provide you with the most skillful and highly qualified interpreters to ensure accuracy and avoid wrong interpretations. Our interpreters effectively communicate your message at conferences and business meetings.

Consecutive Interpreting

Our agency is a leading company in providing consecutive interpreting either face-to-face or remotely. Our translators are available in person, by phone or video. Our professionals fully guarantee that your message is understood correctly.

Phone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is very convenient if our interpreters are not able to be present on location, thus offering an advantage in case of an emergency or an unexpected event. It is an effective method that saves you time and money.

Video Interpreting

Video interpreting allows our interpreters to assist you from the comfort of their offices. Wherever you are, all you need is a live internet connection and with a simple click of your mouse, select the needed language combination and an appropriate interpreter will appear on your screen to carry out the assigned task.